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When is the last cruise for the Carnival Elation from Mobile?

The last cruise for the Elation from Mobile is a 7 day cruise leaving on October 15, 2011 and returning on October 22, 2011.

What is the physical address of the cruise terminal?

201 South Water Street
Mobile, Alabama 36602

What is the cost of parking a regular size vehicle?

Cash and credit/debit are accepted (cash preferred. Minivans, SUV's, motorcycles, and trucks are considered regular vehicles. If your vehicle is over 8'-6" tall (conversion van, car carrier) and will fit in a regular width space, it will be parked at our off-site lot for the same price as a regular size car.

*****NEW PRICES EFFECTIVE May 21, 2011:*****
4-day cruise: $70.00
5-day cruise: $85.00
7-day cruise: $120.00

NOTE: Once the garage is full we have an off site parking area at the civic center a few blocks away. In this case, you would come to the garage first, unload your luggage, and a police officer will escort you to the off site lot. An air conditioned shuttle bus will then bring you back to the terminal. If you are parked at the off-site lot a shuttle bus will take you and your luggage back to your vehicle after you debark and go through customs.

What is the cost to park oversized vehicles?

Cash and credit/debit are accepted (cash preferred).Minivans, trucks, and SUV's are considered regular size vehicles (see regular size vehicles above). Anything that will not fit in a regular size parking spot is considered oversized.

*****NEW PRICES EFFECTIVE May 21, 2011:*****

4-day cruise: $140.00
5-day cruise: $170.00
7-day cruise: $240.00

4-day cruise: $210.00
5-day cruise: $255.00
7-day cruise: $360.00

Is my car safe at the terminal?

Yes. We have never had a break-in.

Are there any hotels close to the terminal?

Please see the map below for hotels.

Hotel Map

Do you have handicap parking?

Yes, we have handicap parking on each level of the garage for your convenience. Handicap parking is the same price as regular parking at $15 a day.

Do I have to have a passport at the present time to cruise?

No. We are a "closed loop" port. In other words the ship returns to the same port it departed from after visiting a foreign port. You do however have to have an original or a certified copy of your birth certificate as proof of birth and a photo ID.

Can I make reservations for parking?

No, not at this time.

Is there a place where I can park and wave goodbye to a sailing passenger?

No, we are under Homeland Security Regulations and do not have an area where a person who is not cruising can park, wait, and wave goodbye. If you are dropping off a passenger please quickly say your “goodbyes” as you are unloading luggage.

What are the procedures for parking a vehicle in the garage?

•Turn right onto Eslava Street and a police officer or a parking attendant will direct you into the garage.

•A stevedore will help you unload and tag your luggage and then they will take your luggage. Please make sure you have your documents with you at all times –NOT IN YOUR LUGGAGE. You will not be allowed into your cabin until 1:30 p.m., so please allow the stevedores to take anything you do not want to carry around the ship with you.

•You will then be directed to the garage ramp where you will pay to park.

•Park and then walk to the glass doors at the north side of the garage.
(opposite end of where you enter the terminal)

•Come down the elevator/stairs to the lobby on the first floor where you will then show your documentation to the employees at the door. Afterwards, you will be directed to the screening area and to the check-in area.

I am interested in a job at the terminal or on board the ship, how can I apply?

At this time the cruise terminal is not hiring.

Carnival has employees that are here at the terminal only on cruise days. If you are interested in getting on the waiting list and applying for one of those jobs please use the link below.

InterCruises Shoreside and Port Services

If you are interested in a job on the ship please contact Carnival Cruise Lines at 1-800-227-6482 or click the link below.

Carnival Fun Jobs

Are there any additional tips or suggestions?

Pack lightly! If you are physically able to carry your luggage off the ship when you are debarking (self assist) it will make for a quicker process.

Please have all documents with you when you are embarking and debarking. Do not pack them in your luggage. You will not be allowed to cruise if you do not have the proper documentation. It is recommended that each person carry their own documentation for embark/debark in case you get separated from your family/party.

Before you get to the Carnival check-in process at the terminal you will have to go through a screening machine (just like an airport). If you are wearing a belt you will have to take it off. Guns (real, fake, or toy) are not permitted on board the ship. A gun will cause you to be detained, and you might not be allowed to cruise. You are not allowed to bring an iron with you from home. The ship has laundry facilities onboard. You cannot bring hard liquor onto the ship.

Double check your cabin before you leave to make sure you have not forgotten anything.

If you are not going with the self-assist option on de-bark and are picking up your luggage when you get off the ship, please double check that you get your luggage and not someone else's. Also, make sure you get every piece of your luggage.

What should I do if I forgot something at the terminal or onboard the ship?

If you forgot something at the terminal, please call (251)338-7447.

If you forgot something onboard, please call Carnival at 1-800-929-6400.

If you left luggage at the terminal and it has your name and phone number on the tag, a Carnival representative will contact you and will ship it to you.

Who can I contact for additional questions about parking at the terminal?

You can contact Kathy Nicholas for more information and questions at the link below.

Parking questions or other general questions

Who can I contact for additional questions about the cruise or the ship?

You can contact Carnival at 1-800-227-6482 or click the link below.

Carnival FAQ

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